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To draw on the Drawball, one must first zoom in to the maximum depth, then select a color and pen size. There are six different pen sizes and a color selection tool. Drawball requires users to complete a simple Eulerian path puzzle before drawing, to help prevent use of macros.

All new users begin with 15% ink, which slowly regenerates. Drawball identifies users by IP address to enforce its ink rationing system. If the site operator finds a particular drawing with good quality, the drawing is protected from vandalism, and the artist who drew it may be rewarded with unlimited ink.

A Drawball operator may also add an image to the "hall of fame" page, which includes the final product as well as a time-lapse history of the drawing. Many of these histories provide good examples of how drawings are vandalized and rebuilt as they progress.

we can combine our powers and draw something incredibly awesome

or just check out the hall of fame.


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everything on drawball gets vandalized, it turns into a sort of gang war which boils down to whoever can get the most people to draw for their cause

back in january, a bunch of south koreans got together and put the south korean flag on the ball, and a bunch of communities got together and the flag was eventually turned into a pepsi logo

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i can reset my IP, so i pretty much get unlimited ink if i'm patient enough to wait a minute inbetween each drawing lol

Right now I'm working on pissing off the Facebook group that's devoted to their flag of Texas xDDD Don't mess with Texas? Sounds like a challengeee

edit: :( evil texans scribbled all over my kenny and cartman while i was drawing tweek. bastards

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