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Accelerated Evolution

Let's make BIG lies about ourselves.


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I work for nasa and I helped build the cassini space craft. On a daily basis my job consists of doing mathmatical equations to try to find out better ways to propell our space craft faster into space instead of using the other planets gravity as propulsion. The pays good but the hours suck, I work all night and this guy that sits next to me, Larry he smells like BO so bad Im on verge of throwing up most nights. BUt I guess it's a great job I mean i've been interested in space ever since the human race landed on the moon and the first Star Trek episode. Im 43 years old and I finally settled down in a brand new colonial style house in southern connecticut. I bought it for 430,000 and plan to sell it when the market rises. I feel like i'm rambling on anyways so I got to get back to work on the new programs for the shuttle.

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Everyday, Mr. Jones & I kick it at the coffee shop & we discuss our future business plans...

Anime Gee: Well, Mr. Jones, it seems like production & sales at Gee Mobile has reached its peak. We need a new product! ( >o<)/

Mr. Jones: ... (@_@ ) ??? .... (!o! ) !!! (^o^ ) <3

Anime Gee: You are a genius Mr. Jones! We will rule the automotive industry with that new 4 door box mobile!

Mr. Jones: !!! ( ^o^) <3

And there you have it. Gee Mobile has continuously revolutionized the automotive industry. (^o^ )

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This one time Chuck Norris and myself sitting around watching TV. There wasn't anything good on, so we decided, as a joke, to create cancer. At first we thought it was pretty funny, but now we know that it was wrong. We're sorry. (Well, I'm sorry, Chuck isn't.)

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I would NEVER whine for 2 days about wanting eighty dollar pants. I also refuse to frequent mainstream coffee stores. I especially hate those breakfast sandwiches. Ewwww, breakfast sandwiches. Hey, at least I'm modest. P.S. I HATE YOU ALL

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