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There is no federal income tax

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Is the Federal Income Tax legal?

Posted by alex on Monday Jul 24, 2006. Copyright http://911archive.org

In 1894 Congress passed a law allowing the Federal Government to collect income taxes, but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Congress then passed a constitutional amendment allowing the government to collect income taxes, but the amendment was not properly ratified by the states.

In 1913, the United States Secretary of State, Philander Knox, ?committed fraud? when he declared the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution had been ?legally ratified,?.

It was never ?legally ratified, with evidence to prove it,?.

In 1913, there were 38 States in the Union. There is no legal documentation that the majority of the 38 States ratified the 16th Amendment in the ?exact wording? submitted to the States by U.S. Secretary of State Philander Knox, according to documents discovered by the People Foundation.

Some States did not even bother to respond to the 16th Amendment proposal, according to Robert Schultz of the People Foundation, and former IRS Agent Joseph Banister, who have researched the controversial tax issue for the Foundation, along with Constitutional scholars and legal organizations throughout the nation.

?The Constitution of the United States is all that stands between the people and tyranny,? the Foundation declared. ?What does a free people do when faced with evidence of ratification of fraud? The Constitution tells the people to address their grievances with their government. But what does a free people do when their government doesn?t listen, or respond??

Under the federal law as written, only foreigners working in the U.S., or U.S. citizens working abroad, are legally required to pay federal income taxes. And employers are not required to withhold federal income taxes.

?When taxpayers sign their tax returns, he or she voluntarily waives his or her 5th Amendment right not to be a witness against him or herself,? the Foundation explained.

The Foundation put these issues before the White and Congress for the first time on April 13, 2000 ? two days before the filing of federal income taxes on April 15.

?After attempts to get them to respond failed on April 27, May 19 and June 2, 2000, We the People Foundation decided to take the issue directly to our elected representatives through the people of the United States themselves,? the Foundation announced June 29, 2000 at a Conference on the Legality of the Income Tax at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Then President Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and House Speaker Dennis Hastert were invited to the Income Tax Conference to represent the Federal Government.

None of the nation?s highest political leaders bothered to show up with evidence that the 16th Amendment was ?legally ratified? by the States, the People Foundation reported.

?As Americans, we expect our elected representatives, whether in the Congress or in the White House, to respond to our needs and answer legitimate questions that are placed before them by the electorate,? Foundation officials stated. ?Over the past decade, a number of groups have posed some very serious questions regarding the legality of the federal income tax. Americans from all the 50 States are now tired of being deliberately ignored on this issue,? the Foundation said.

The Clinton White House, after initially accepting the Foundation?s invitation to discuss the income tax matter in a public forum, reneged on their commitment, stating: ?The legality of the income tax is not a high priority at the White House. Therefore, we have decided not to participate in any conference on the subject.?

The Foundation has been calling on the people?s representatives in Congress to address the income tax issue, but to no avail.

Frankly, federal officials, who make salaries way over $140,000 a year with platinum benefits for life after a few years in public office, do not want anything to do with an investigation that will reveal the 16th Amendment was never ?legally ratified? by the States.

If the Federal Government acknowledges in any way that the ratification was a fraud, the Federal Government would have to shut down.

But because the government can still enforce this "law", let's take a look at where your tax dollars are actually going.

Current military includes Dept. of Defense ($449 billion), the military portion from other departments ($114 billion), and an unbudgetted estimate of supplemental appropriations ($100 billion). ?Past military? represents veterans? benefits plus 80% of the interest on the debt.

These figures are from an analysis of detailed tables in the ?Analytical Perspectives? book of the Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2007. The figures are federal funds, which do not include trust funds ? such as Social Security ? that are raised and spent separately from income taxes. What you pay (or don?t pay) by April 17, 2006, goes to the federal funds portion of the budget. The government practice of combining trust and federal funds began during the Vietnam War, thus making the human needs portion of the budget seem larger and the military portion smaller.

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If this isn't a major load of pure bull, it's still a matter of "does it matter?" The U.S. income tax is not at all burdensome, has loopholes up the wazoo, and still ends up in the coffers of education and research institutes. Of course we're going to have to pay for civilization- even our liberties and rights, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, are paid for in rivers of patriotic blood.

When things are put in a more generalized perspective, the tax really isn't all that significant. If nothing else, the Articles of Confederation has already taught us that it's better to have a wealthy government than a piss-poor mockery of one. Not much better, yes- but any improvement is better than none.

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How about they take away all the services you've been provided with taxpayer money? :laugh:

I know its my fault for forgetting that you cant hear the sarcasm in my voice, but ya, that was meant to be a joke, I was hoping that someone would relies that it would likely cause the government to go bankrupt…

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