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that explains alot, but I wonder who programmed and brought him back in the future.

I don't think there is any official confirmation on who awoke Zero. Some people theorize that X6's Dr. Isoc was really Dr. Wily in reploid form and woke Zero before the events of X1. Another (more sensible) theory is that Sigma, still with the Mavrick Hunters at the time, awakened him with the rest of the team.

It also could just be that Wily installed some sort of device to awake Zero by himself some x years later. Megaman 7 shows he had the technology to do that.

X1 starts out where Sigma and a few mavrick hunters are dispatched to a location known to have a "dangerous" Reploid. When Sigma arrives, Zero is awakend and lashes out at him, but Sigma gets in one really good blow to Zero's head and the small crystal ontop his head burts open reviling a little Dr. Wily logo inside. This is also where Sigma gets infected with the later to be called "Sigma Virus", even though it really comes from Zero.

However, The Day of Sigma OVA fucks with the story line abit and makes things very confusing.

First it makes Simga turn mavrick before he gets infected with Zero's virus, and second, we find out that X isn't the original Megaman and knew Dr. Light while he was still being developed. It could be that Zero really fucked up the original Mega Man around the Power Battles arc. I won't talk about the other theory on what happened to him, because it involves Wily being able to travel back in time, and then messing around with Quint's story in Megaman 2 for gameboy.

We'll probably never find out what happened to the original untill a real MM9 is made.

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Wait... you really believed that X and MegaMan were the same?

Most fans did, untill MHX/IHX. It was presumed that Dr. Light remodeled the original Megaman to be a reploid and sealed him away untill earth could handle him.

EDIT: Reploid, not realian. I got Xenosaga on the brain.

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