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Lets discuss... CEREAL!


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So, as I was browsing at my local food market, I found an interesting box of cereal. At first, I thought it was Fruit Loops. So, I picked up the box and behold...


Fruity Cheerios.

I took my catch and other various food stuff to the cash register and off to home I go. With everything neatly in place, I was curious to what this abomination might taste like. I poured myself a bowl and splashed some milk along with it. I took a spoonful and realised it taste a lot better than Fruit Loops. After the third spoonful, I was thinking "FUCK YOU FRUIT LOOPS!" and more "This taste more like... Trix... " Either way, the box didn't last a whole week.

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It's all about the Crispix yo. Yo. Yo-yo, it would be cool to have a yo-yo in a cereal box. Man I miss prizes in boxes, but now it's all about proofs of purchase, and I'm just too lazy or uninterested to care. I wants me a color changing spoon when dipped in chilled milk!

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Hmm I'm definately a Honey Bunches of Oats kind of man (god that sounds gay). I also like the Banana Nut cereal Post makes. You also can't go wrong with Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Golden Crisp (or Smacks, take your pick). But I eat pretty much any kind of cereal that's available in this house.

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