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woah, old man shoes. ^

I wear cheap ass sketchers. I used to wear these knee high boots but they broke and I had to throw them away. I walked around all day at school barefoot.

wha? its against school rules to even wear flip flops here cause of health reasons

no those arent old man shoes, they are rockabilly ;D tatchan and tarouchan both have pairs

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those are mine, taken less than a minute ago. the ones on the left are wrapped in duct tape. the ones on the right i wear every day.

you'll never be popular with that attitude. XDD ahh you know that was lydia's article ("you know!!" like the teacher said, she said, "she could have told her story in half the time if she didn't always say "you know") but I think the silence is lonely. People have to talk, THAT WAS IN MY LIFE TO LIVE. please watch me play the prostitute!!!

I admire your courage mr long hair. XDD

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that was random, and yes, i have long hair.

btw - duct taped posessions is like a symbol of power at my school XD it's to awesome, i will wear the duct tape shoes and people follow me around XD

oh the power?

one day you will see the error of your ways, one day it will hit your like the scalding tea of the mind. and down on your kneees you will beg the holy father (like the poem I wrote today in english except i stole the line "culture of death" but really it is nice otherwise !!!!! 12 went to 17 easily! IN GOTHIC FONT.) I want to rideeee a train, a train a train. A tainnnn, do you know what that's about? I really like the song of the girl! In teh snow. You can imagine her so well in the furry big coat. Oh like mimi, the eskimo. *hearty laughter*

well joke's on you, duct tape causes cancer!

that's why I eat it!!!!

how is that for philosophy!!!! eating the carcogen!!! explain that one modern MEDICINE.

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Mainly brown leather sneakers that are Skechers brand, (>> sorry) they have two lighter brown stripe things. I am glad to have some sneakers that don't scream like "SNEAKER!!!!" when you see them. I got them for $10 from Marshalls and they are MAN SHOES! Other than that I have some black mary janes that are ugly and way too big and square toed, but yesterday I wore them anyway, and some multicolor stripey rain boots, some pink sneakers with blinky red lights, and various leather clogs. I hope to get some winter boots for Christmas :D

and e__e lindsay, heart

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