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X box 360?

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OK since my first birthday present from my mom was a dog and now thats gone I have to think of a knew gift. Just incase you didn't know my dog bit my uncle and was taken away from animal control.

So now my new idea is an X box 360. I was just wondering is the system worth the money? What are the bugs if any? What games are good for it and is it a solid system.

If your here to bash microsoft or your name starts with S and ends with cott don't post.

But if you have something useful to say i'm all ears because I don't want to dish out 500 bucks for a system that sucks.

Thanks for your time.

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I was just wondering is the system worth the money?

Depends on if you're interested in the games that are, and will be, available for it.

What are the bugs if any?

There were a lot of overheating issues with the first gen models, so if you are buying one it might be a good idea to invest in a $20 cooling fan for it.

As for bugs in games, the only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Cromehounds. There was some issue with it crashing systems, but Sega has already fixed this issue with the current copies out now.

What games are good for it and is it a solid system.

That brings up 3 good points about the system actually.

You'll be able to play exclusive games, of course, but since the system is backwards compatible, most of the original Xbox library can be played on it as well. Plus, if you don't have a high-end PC, the 360 plays all current ported PC games on their highest settings. You're really only limited to how amazing a game like F.E.A.R. will look like by your TV set.

The current games the 360 has out for it isn't much, there are no real "gems" that stand out. Some that are currently slated for a release later on in the year look good, though.

My advice would be to wait untill either a price drip occurs later in the year, and some of the games that were shown at E3 are released.

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Yea I was looking at some of the games that will be coming out soon for it and they do look promosing. Also I do have a high end PC so I wouldn't buy it for games I could play on computer. But i've heard good things about it so far. My X box is one of the really old ones and it crashes alot and isn't reliable. So if the 360 could get better use out of my games with out crashing it would be great. One of the reasons I want a 360 is because I can't think of anything really good I wanted for my birthday except for this. I already have an Ipod and a DS. I thought about getting a PSP but that seemed like a waste.

Alot of the threads i've been seeing here have been 360 games that have been talked about and they seem cool. Anyways thanks for the comment.

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The upcoming months are a good time to start getting into the 360. There's already a few must play titles (IMO) and the Xbox Live Arcade is starting to shape up and should be rather robust by the end of the year. (HD Widescreen Alien Hominid can't come soon enough, haha) But on top of that there's a lot of potentially stellar titles coming up relatively soon, Forza 2, Gears of War, Mass Effect. (Phantasy Star Universe. =P)

When it comes to overheating or any issues like that I would seriously consider buying an expanded warrenty if you buy a system at a store. While most people who have problems had launch consoles every now and then (okay fine I've only heard two so it's not really every now and then) I hear a story of someone who bought one recently that had hardware problems. Now you have 3 months to call MS Support anyways, but a year or two is a lot nicer.

Anyways, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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I honestly think we should all get on the ground floor of PSU. All my co-workers are buying it, and I will buy it cause the original was so addictive, not to mention the fact that the single player game will be another Phantasy Star sequel. All of us should just start on the same server and be honest to God fuckwads to the Japs.

And Gimpster way to get the free game and not play it, you know what I'm talking about. ;)

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Haha, hey man, I would have been playing it but my power has been down since I downloaded it. =D Just got it back up last night and figured I should hit up some Dead Rising since I was so close to ending 72 hour mode.

Send me an invite and we'll poker it up. (Note: I am awful at poker.)

And believe me, PSU is up near the top of my most wanted list... It's second after Mass Effect. I played PSO for 5 freakin years. So I'm definately in on the ground floor.

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