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Accelerated Evolution

Galexia - Meteor


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Well, I am going to post the direct download, but I shouldn't post it since this is the signed album that will be for purchase very soon on 2blossoms. Although you are all my buddies so I can send it for free, - This is easily my best and most accomplished work. It's in my ears a sonic masterpiece just because its just about everything I could possibly want it to be, my first attempt at a full blown concept album of epic proportions.

Based off of Final Fantasy VII -



01 - Reactor

02 - Buster Sword

03 - Materia

04 - Holy

05 - Shinra

06 - Tifa

07 - Cetra

08 - The Death of a Loved One

09 - When Blue Turns to Red

10 - Cosmo Canyon

11 - Lifestream

12 - Chakra

13 - Mideel

14 - Depression

15 - Only In Dreams

16 - Sunken Gelnika

17 - Crater

18 - The Ballad of the Planet


It has a dark and chill mood through-out, often depressing, other times sonically textured with minimal hopefulness and warm tones, the most alive and bouncy song would probrably be "Cosmo Canyon", while tracks like "Reactor" and "Bustersword" test my Industrial love with samplings of Gregorian Chant (also in "Lifestream")

some organic and happier tunes like "Tifa" and "Holy", although through-out it kind of keeps the same tone and I love how it came out. One that I was especially fond of making was "Mideel" which shows my love for Trip-Hop style beats and sad depressing muffled lo-fi production.

Dig it please.


Some new music mp3s as singles will most likely pop up and around, but because of school, work and needing a break from endless hard work, this will be the last full-length for awhile and this is considered my first offical "LP", so the discography starts here gentlemen, - thanks for being along the whole ride.

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Seriously one of the better albums Ive listened to this year and I've discovered alot of new music this year. Anyone who has not listened must; there is a wealth of emotion that is innately complex yet anyone can understand and connect. Kenny speaks with his soul in Galexia and god damn it turned out good. Thanks for the ride bro :cool:

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