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Accelerated Evolution

Who in the hell is everyone? (help, i'm kinda new here)

Nakey Boy

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i figure that, instead of asking individually, i'll lump it all in one... less time typing, more time fapping to pics of buki and Wind...


if you know me and i know you from that other forum, can you plz tell me what name i know you by? Just kinda hard when people go "ZOMG it's Nakey" and the only thing i can think of saying is "um... yea... *poke* who are you?"

um.. yeah... and if you don't know me, um.... just ignore this thread and go fap to pics of buki and wind...

Oh, and if anyone has my old "going down" or "fat hippo shakin' ass" avvie, can ya send it to me plz? kinda miss those ones...

EDIT: got SC, Vampy, Britt-chan and haya, while i know a few that havn't changed names =3

EDIT2: Gah, ghey.. nvm, i found it

wow.. massive n00b mistake... *hands out mallets to wack Nakey with"

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^YOU were Natsu?! :ohmy:

I remember Natsu from AN (if only vaguely). Weird. I had absolutely no idea that was you.

Sure mitch take ALLL the credit. Me and Lindsay had parts to play.


You two never noticed how Hero always calls him Natsu on here?

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