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Bubba Nosferatu

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I came across this film on IMDB by accident. It's supposed to be a prequel to Bubba Hotep. Bruce Campbell returns as Elvis, with Don Coscarelli directing. Due out later this year. Enjoy!....

OMG.. I will get this...I love Bubba Hotep..shit I love Bruce Campbell in general..so i will give it a watch

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I'd not get too excited yet. The film has been greenlighted and casting has begun with Paul Giamatti playing the role of Colonel Parker. As of today the production havem't begun filming and probably won't until early next year.

Now that's out of the way I want a second sequel already! :biggrin:

I know one title that was bandied about as a possible sequel/prequel was Bubba Sasquatch.

Also, Campbell never had a bad performance in a movie in his life. Now, he's been in bad movies, but that's something he couldn't really control. But then Bruce Campbell is GOD so he can't do no wrong.

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