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girls wearing MAN SCENTS


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My mom was a normal woman until she talked to some guy at Home Depot who had just eaten a sandwich with onions in it, and then she went in the back and threw up, and then she went home and now whenever we eat with her we have to have a fan pointing away from the food to divert the odor

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If you're going to wear something with scent, wear something with a manly one!

I, for one, find it incredibly sexy. Plus, you're breaking gender-role stereotypes and that makes it even better!

of course, you shouldn't select a deodorant based on its ability to attract men or make political statements. You should should be, first and foremost, looking for something that supresses your body-odor.

And honestly, no one is going to notice. I mean I probably wouldn't notice, but if I did then it would be sexy. So, yes.

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