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I'm about 2 or 3 hours into playing Terranigma and I cannot believe I was never reccomended this game all of my life, where the hell has it been hiding?

The control and battle system is fluent and fantastic, the graphics are ACE for the snes, the music is final fantasy quality, and the story seems amazing thus far, - I am in absolute love with this game.

Any other fans?

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Super late to this topic... but oh well.

Terranigma is a wonderful game. I played it in the context of the other two (Illusion of Gaia and Soul Blazer), so I can't really HONESTLY judge it as a game on its own. IoG is like my favorite game, and I think it blows Terranigma out of the water. Ok, blows it out of the water is an overstatement. But its not as good.

Soul Blazer is also PROBABLY better than Terranigma, due mainly to the fact that Terranigma will ALWAYS suffer from "I'm playing it on an emulator" syndrome.

In short, all three games are classic. If you havent played the other two, for some ungodly reason Wind, get on it.

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