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Cradle Of Filth - Thornography


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Image cradle of Filth with power metal influences...and a slight melo-death influence...all comign together with their extreme gothic metal music blended with some clear vocals. Theres no other way to put it... How fucking good is this album?!

Borknagar - Origin

Another great one, if you love folk music, but they pull it off extremely well.

My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings

havent gotton to it yet

I - Between Two Worlds

Abbath is God. Motorhead, Bathory, and Immortal all in one!

Ektomorf - Outcast

havent gotton to it yet

What a great 2 days!!!!!!!! Who knows what other surprises will leak tomarrow!! :biggrin:

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They started out as BM then sunk into Gothic shit.

Now... that sounds... interesting? Is it better or worse than Neymphetamine? Honestly, I enjoy listening to that album at times but I can't defend it as being "good." Regardless of how good the music is, though, I really love Dani's lyrics. Some of them can be downright poetic.

As for them being BM... I hear Dusk and Her Embrace is an excellent album and I want to get it.

I really enjoyed the Borknagar. :wub: I love Mr. V's clean vocals, they sound incredible, and having a full album full of those and some pretty/cool folky acoustic music just did it for me. <3

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I was looking at MA and Midian seems to be less popular than the first two.

I have the new My Dying Bride but I haven't listened to it yet and haven't heard any of their other stuff so I'm not allowed to judge.

please don't ever judge an album, or band for that matter from the reviews at MA ... it kills me a little inside

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