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I bought VP2 yesterday. But I think its still sitting in my car. I have a personal rule that I have to follow which states I can not start a new RPG while halfway through another one. Because history shows that if I play more than one RPG at the same time, I never end up finishing any of them.

So, for now anyway, it seems VP2 will go on the ever-growing stack of RPGs I haven't even opened yet.

Oh, and yes, Phoenix Wright is awesome.

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If I started following a rule stating that I have to finish an RPG before starting a new one, I'd have lots of unplayed games. The way I see it, it's better to at least give each game a try. I may not never finish all the RPGs I've started, but I at least try to clock about 10 hours in each them so I can see what they're like. Unfortunately, there are plenty of RPGs that I want to finish, but I don't have time.

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