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Morrissey - You Are The Quarry


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Well, I am listening to this cd for the first time, and I am enjoying his music so much. I never heard his solo stuff and only heard a few songs of when he was with The Smiths during the 80's.

He has such a wonderful deep emotional voice, that it seems he can do no wrong with a song he sings.

Anyway, the cd is filled with endless catchy hooks and beautiful music and memorable lines.

Anyone else dig this?

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I'm a huge Morrissey fan. He's currently in France recording with David Bowie's old producer!

Anyway, if you want some of his best solo stuff buy "Bona Drag" or "Vauxhall and I"

Although, the newest CD has more electric guitars than his older stuff, it's more Pop-ish.

Nothing can beat Morrissey when he's doing good though, which is why Robert Smith is so jealous.

I would also reccomend buying "The Queen Is Dead" by the Smiths cause that's the BEST.

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