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What are you going to be for Halloween?


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I would still love to be Mojo, but after giving it some thought, it seemed to be too difficult of a costume, especially for someone with not a lot of money. If anyone has any ideas for Mojo, though, I'd be glad to hear them.

EDIT: Also, while I've already made the design on the front of Beat's shirt, I'm not good enough to make the vinyl record of the back of his shirt. If anyone know what I'm talking about and would be willing to make an image of it for me I would be VERY grateful.

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Well, since my dad thinks I'm too old to trick, treat or dress up, I'm probably going to be myself. And since nobody ever comes to our house, I'll probably just have a friend or two over and play video games all night or something. I really need a girlfriend...

well my parents don't think i am too old, but i might just get dome friends over to play video games. and no i don't have a gf either. :dry:

I remember last year i just took my Air Force coat that i always wear and buttoned it. oOo creative!

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