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My 50 bucks.



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  1. 1. How should i spend my fifty bucks. Should I...

    • Save up for a Wii
    • Buy drugs
    • Buy a new CDplayer/Radio For my car (considering i have neither of those)

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i'll probaby put it too the "Colin Hodo Wii fund."

Or maybe i will put it to the "Colin Hodo New graphics card fund"

Either way, i think i'll put the drugs and the CD player on hold, It is rough driving places without any music though.

I don't even have a radio in my Sentra anymore. It was annoying. I chucked it out along with the speakers. The only thing I want to hear is the Stillen intake sucking the air into the motor, then the air being expelled through the Hotshot header, & out of the rear though the HKS cat-back exhaust all while my tires screach for the last ounce of grip on the tarmac as I heal & toe through a set of switchbacks out in the canyons! Vroom, vroom! (^o^ ) <3

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