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Accelerated Evolution

YouTube Video Mega Thread


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(I'm glad you liked the videos! I ish honored. ^_^)

The Videos o_O:


^^ VERY random, occasional swear words, Xemnas's American Idol, and morally wrong in every way. (Special voice performances by Dakr_Sigma and Disaster)

Super Happy Fun-Time Project TWO!

Hades is obsessed with Hercules's nuts, Xemnas can't stop singing in my videos, and Axel and Roxas rap about their 'Magic Sticks'! ^^

Super Happy Fun-Time Project THREE!

Demyx and Saix can't stop fighting, Riku reveals his secret, Xigbar is Spanish, and Organization XIII give a special musical number. WARNING: Some mild langauge, so don't watch if you're easilly offended!

SHFTP4 (Super Happy Fun-Time Project 4)!

Oh, when will it end?! Xemnas's singing is back, Roxas doesn't like chocolate, and what do Riku's eyes have to do with breathing? Plus, special bonus footage of the characters laughing... in slow motion? o_O'

Super Happy Fun-Time 5!

Demyx likes his sitar, Xaldin thinks Sora is beautiful, Roxas wants to go where everybody knows his name, and Axel... is a Dutch dolphin trainer? o_O' What have I created?

Super Happy Fun-Time 6!

NEW! Axel's Hips Don't Lie, Xigbar hurts his leg, Sora really likes Santa, and Donald and Goofy 'spin us like a record, baby'.

Super Happy Fun-Time Seven

NEW! (Waiting so long to finish this made me rusty. Dx Not as funny as it should have been.)

Maaalllfunctiiioooon! o_O

Luxord wants to duel, Demyx and Saix are fighting again, Axel has troubles with fire, Ansem t3h wise tries to pass off as a twelve-year-old, and "HEY! YOU! GET OFFA MY CLOUD!" xDDD

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