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NCAA Football


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Getting ready to watch the Spartains cream those dirty Micks.

Who are you rootin' for?

pfft who else...GO BLUE.. we jus put a spanking on Wisconsin..took care of business at Notre Dame..no one still respects Michigan though its all about Ohio State this and Ohio State that.. I hate the Buckeyes

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The reason NCAA football is far superior to NFL football is the parity, the close scores, the competitiveness, the well balancced schedules and the rational fans.

What good is parity if a team like Rutgers has no chance at a national title?

Yeah, that is what thought.

Until NCAA football gets rid of the BCS and gets a playoff system, it will be a second rate sport.

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So can we please just announce the national title game will be OSU and Michigan in a rematch? Oh and can we also make sure the Big East doesn't field a team in the BCS? And, finally, can we please give some fucking props to Arkansas?

I'll give props to the Razorbacks, but their gonna get their asses kicked when they play Florida, and I highly doubt there will be a rematch, they are pushing USC yet for another straight NCS bid for what the 4th straight year, even though they lose to a team who was fucking unranked.

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