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i hate poor people


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See those are the odd poor people I like. The Drum Bum sounds cool almost liek the hobo I saw in cma,bridge he was there playing a STRINGLESS guitar. Now that is fucking talented he was there making noises duh duh duhhhh duh duh duhhh duhhhhhh dun dun dun dunnn dunnnnnnn. Damn talent or the blanacing hobo the hobo was tighrope walking between two trees WHILE PLAYING A FIDDLE.

All the other fuckers should go kill themselves. That's incl;uding poor people like me God I'm such a twat.

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There was this poor girl in ecuador trying to sell sweets on the streets (MADZ RHYMEZ YO!) and when we said no, no money she chased us down and clinged onto my ex's leg and would not let go she held on while trying to run away for a good couple of streets until eventually we had to try picking her up but still to no prevail. It was just liek aq cartoon where my ex was walkign with her wrapper around ehr leg. Until eventaully she saw our teacher and ran over and clinged onto his leg.

That girl deserved something for effort.

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