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We haven't done one of these for ages, so here it is. Top 10 artists, do as many lists as you want.

Top 10 all-time


2. Iron Maiden

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

4. Blind Guardian

5. Slayer

6. The Smashing Pumpkins

7. Velvet Underground

8. Ensiferum

9. Opeth

10. Radiohead

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Top 30 All-Time / All Genre

--sorry, could not just pick 10, so look at the first 10 I geuss--

1. Dream Theater

2. Morrissey / The Smiths [Combined to save a slot]

3. Pain of Salvation


5. Blind Guardian

6. Dir En Grey

7. Devin Townsend / SYL [Combined to save a slot]

8. Porcupine Tree

9. Opeth

10. Agalloch

11. Iced Earth

12. Ayreon

13. OSI / Chroma Key [Combined to save a slot]

14. Spock's Beard

15. Blind Melon

16. In Flames

17. Fates Warning

18. Pearl Jam

19. Portishead

20. Dio / Dio Era Sabbath

21. Tool

22. Faith No More

23. Radiohead

24. Vox Tempus

25. Deftones

26. The Beatles

27. Scar Symmetry

28. Deadsoul Tribe

29. The Cure

30. Gamma Ray / Hypocrisy [Couldn't Decide]

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It was not fun doing this. Iron Maiden and Rush were the two obvious ones, but I just picked out the bands I am listening to the most at the moment.

Iron Maiden




Strapping Young Lad

Blind Guardian

Dark Tranquillity

Amon Amarth

Cannibal Corpse

Dir En Grey

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well see, the thing is, you can make a top 10 of anything, not just "all time favorite"

Here's a list of mine of the 10 top current listening favorites (in no particular order):

1. Cornelius

2. Telefon Tel Aviv

3. King Crimson

4. Dio

5. Pink Floyd

6. The Cure

7. Sufjan Stevens

8. Miles Davis

9. Iron Maiden

10. Gamma Ray

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According to iTunes:

1) Tiger Army

2) Gnarls Barkley

3) Hank Williams III

4) Type O Negative

5) Strapping Young Lad

6) Hammerfall

7) Nekromantix

8) Red Hot Chili Peppers

9) The Misfits


Damn, didn't realize I listened to so much psychobilly. There's like 15 Tiger Army songs in my top 100 list.

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This is in the order I thought of them in.

1. Alabama 3

2. The Doors

3. The Rolling Stones

4. Korpiklaani

5. Santana

6. The Kinks

7. Frank Zappa

8. Sunn O)))

9. Dick Dale & His Del-Tones

10. Bob Marley

Hm... Really I'd rather just compile a big list of "Bands I Like" rather than a top ten list, because there's bands I think are really good but not top-ten material (if for no reason other than I think they shouldn't be) and there are other bands that I feel like I haven't listened to enough to count them among my favorite bands (such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor).

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