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  1. 1. Which Class should I take?

    • GL399 Japanese Culture
    • ECE130 Intro to Logic Design

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I have to select my winter courses next week, and I was sent a course offerings guide in the mail today. I know that I have to take

Calc III

Physics II & Physics II Lab

Fundamentals of Soft. Dev. II

I need a humanities or other elective, and I'm currently trying to decide between taking Japanese Culture and Intro to Logic Design (ILD from hereon out). ILD is required for my major, and I'll probably take it in the spring if not now, but a professor I've heard is really good is teaching it this winter. Japanese Culture is a way to get my feet wet since I missed taking Japanese I in the fall and it won't be offered again until next fall. It's also a special topic that might not be offered again until next winter. Opinions? Suggestions?

Won't necissarily let this make my choice, but will at least use it as a springboard for thinking which would be better.

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Take the Japanese culture class =D You are already taking 3 other courses for your major and you will take the logic class either way. Will the teacher really matter that much if you are naturally good at the material? I don't think there is any real contest here.

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