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Tales of the Tempest


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I know you guys are excited about Tales of the Tempest. Given the reaction Tales of Symphonia received on the Gamecube, I think it's safe to say that Tales belongs on a Nintendo platform. And since DS has become my favorite platform to play games on, I just can't stop obsessing over this one.

There are rumors that this game is related to Tales of Rebirth for PS2, which seems reasonable considering that it uses a similar multiplane battle system. But then again, the source of this rumor is probably just some idiot on GameFAQs or something, so who knows?

BTW, Tales of Rebirth looks awesome, but LinkOcarinaMan is too cool for it since it receives lots of praise from people who have imported it. But then again, Link doesn't need a good reason to hate a game, especially if he hasn't even played it. This is nothing new.

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Well, according to GamesAreFun:

These next screens show off an exciting gameplay mode in Tempest -- in the Wireless Play mode, you'll be able to form groups of 2 to 4 with nearby friends and tackle missions together. As shown in the first screen, you'll all have levels and gain experience as you defeat monsters. Experience won't carry over into the main game, but items and money will. We're not sure whether Tempest will utilize Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection and allow players to join up with others online, or whether it will be limited to local wireless (hopefully the former!), but we'll be sure to let you know when we find out.

But according to IGN:

At a certain point in the gameplay, a Wireless Mode option will become unlocked to play, allowing up to 3 players to use their leveled-up characters against each other in battle.

I don't know which is true (or perhaps maybe both are true). If you ask me, a competitive multiplayer mode would be pretty lame. But the co-op mode that GAF described sounds awesome.

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Well, I guess there is a possibility that it's an unrelated story and they merely chose to put locations from ToP's world in there just for fun. But regardless, there are a lot of blatant connections, so it's perfectly reasonable to believe that they are related. It's not just stubborn fanboy speculation like in the case of, say, Xenogears and Xenosaga.

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