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Sony Shares Down


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The Article

By Henning Molbaek

Things are looking grim for Sony at the moment. A run of bad luck has sent the company's shares down.

First, several recalls have been made of the company's batteries made for laptop computers because of overheating issues, costing the company millions of dollars. Now, it is the PlayStation 3 that concerns analysts.

According to the Associate Press, "PlayStation 3 units on display at the Tokyo Game Show about 10 days ago operated erratically and had to be repeatedly reset, according to a report released Monday by Macquarie Equities analyst David Gibson in Tokyo."

Sony has commented that it was because of an unnaturally high temperature on the display floor and says there are no heat issues with the PS3 units. However, analysts are skeptical here, only 40 days before release.

The PlayStation 3 will hit stores in Japan on November 11th and in the U.S. on November 17th. In Europe, they won't go on sale until March, four months later than planned.


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