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Accelerated Evolution

Chrono Trigger


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Hey, this is the first time I've ever posted in the video games forum in my entire life. I love to play but I'm not that obsessed as some of you are.

Anyway I really love this game. Played it around 2 years ago, finished up to the end. Then I stopped playing for a while, until I started again just last week. Oh this game's really addicting.

Magus is no question my favorite character and also villain.

Tell me the best ending you had.

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I've never actually finished it, but I played through a bunch of the game on an emulator a few months ago.

It was cool, but then I got sorta stuck. Not like the kind of stuck where I would need to do anything hard, just the kind of stuck where it would take a while to get out. So I took a break from that game and haven't come back to it yet.

It's good, though.

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