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Do you chucklefucks want to do this again this year? Last year, all but, like, six of us dropped out. And it was still pretty awesome, but I'd like to have more people involved this year.

And I'd really rather not have anyone stiffed.

You know the deal, sign up in this thread and PM me your name, address, and if necessary, someone you absolutely could not deal with as A) being your Secret Santa and B) you shopping for. The selection will still be random, but if there's some reason that Person 1 can't shop for Person 2 and it's an actual good reason, then let me know and I'll try and take it in to account.

As always, the following rules apply:

1) No whining about region. Some people live in England, and it's sad for them for entirely different reasons, but you still have to ship to the Queen's Island so they can enjoy their present between their tea breaks and figgy pudding breaks and knob gobbling and pip pip cheerio bloody hell fisticuffs.

2) We're imposing a price limit now. $20 USD max unless you can give me a really, really good reason why you should spend over that. $20 USD maximum doesn't include shipping.

3) Gifts should be out the door and in-transit by December 13th, 2006. Why December 13th? Because it's my birthday and I am less likely to yell at you guys. :D

That settled? Go to it.

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