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haha I totally lol'd reading this thread XDD Ilu A-E!

That's a great idea Mag-X, my friend suggested that at lunch today and I was like "ohhhhhh phewwww". If her computer doesn't read DVDs I assume she'll get one that does in the next 10 years so...o_O;; Or she could just sell it on ebay

What did you do last saturday Scott? D=

Me demean myself? NEVAR

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Dude don't even get me started

once I accidentally sent my bathing suit to a woman who bought a box from me

I somehow managed to put it inside the box for some specific reason of travel and then forgot it was in there

Who buys a box?

I mean, if it was some sort of cool box I could understand but I'm imagining Vampy like, packing a cardboard box inside a cardboard box to send it to someone.

Or better yet, just slap the postage right on the box and mail it empty!

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