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Accelerated Evolution

new galexia song MECHA


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The "C'mon kick it" sounds kinda of out of place and sorta clashes with the yelling of "Saisho!" Unless that was the purpose.

Exactly what I was going to say. I liked Magnum alot more, but nonetheless the song is good and kinda catchy too. Is Galexia switching genres now?

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hmm it sounds good, I'm not crazy about it, but a couple of the screams in it sound cool

....then again I'm looking at your influences and I don't have or even know anything by Dir En Grey, Faith No More, or Deftones

good job though :crube:

I'm currently working on a more metal thing too, maybe a split sometime in the future? :laugh:

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also, I am hiring this man to do the album art hopefully.


if all goes well, he'll do the cover, back, and a few booklet images.

this cd is shaping up to sound SERIOUSLY good, i always have loved my stuff but it was just music I made, these songs I have now sound beyond amazing to me. I have 9 songs complete, 5 being worked on and some ideas for others. Also, 2 tracks feature rappers, "The World is Over" features Knowledge (http://www.knowledge203.com) and hopefully 1 song will feature LP the chemist (http://www.lpthechemist.com) - the cd as a whole has a deep industrial metal feel and I am LOVING it.

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