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Bartender [56k is not that painful]


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This anime, which belongs in the Business Jump manga/anime section, premiered yesterday (October 14th) and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of it. I don't have that much information on hand, but here is the trailer. The story follows a genius bartender that has won a championship in a worldwide contest in the past and decides to work for a hotel bar. In addition, the patrons who frequent the bar tell the Bartender various stories about their life. The manga, by Araki Jo and Kenji Nagatomo, began in 2004. Five tankabon volumes are currently on the market.

Main characters


Sasakura Ryuu (V.A.: Mizushima Takahiro)

A young bartender who is in charge of the bar "Edenholl" in Ginza. The cocktails he makes are called "God's Glass." Past winner of an international competition, his skills are unmatched, although his secrets remain a mystery.


Kurushima Miwa (V.A.: Fujimura Ayumi)

Granddaughter of Kurushima Taizou, chairman of the Hotel Cardinal group. She is in charge of the hotel's bar section. As a frequnter to Edenholl, she is a confidant to Ryuu.

Series Composition: Yasuhiro Imagawa.

Screenplay: Yasuhiro Imagawa.

ANN credits Yasuhiro for the following...

Aura Battler Dunbine (TV) : Producer

Bartender (TV) : Series Composition, Screenplay

Berserk (TV) : Script

Chance! Pop Sessions (TV) : Planning

Giant Robo (OAV) : Director, Screenplay, Story Concept

Gin Rei (OAV) : Director, Screenplay

Hareluya II Boy (TV) : Script

Mister Ajikko (TV) : Series director, Storyboard

Mobile Fighter G Gundam (TV) : Chief Director

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (TV) : Storyboard, Unit Director

Pet Shop of Horrors (TV) : Screenplay

Sentou Mecha Xabungle (TV) : Episode Director

Seven of Seven (manga) : Story

Seven of Seven (TV) : Director, Scenario, Story, Animation (ED), Serial Composition

Souten no Ken (TV) : Script

Tetsujin 28th (TV) : Director, Series Composition, Unit Director (ED)

Violinist of Hamelin (TV) : Script

Virgin Fleet (OAV) : Screenplay, Original creator

This alone should make it a "must watch" series of the fall season.

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To be perfectly honest, I don't think there is anything out there that I find less interesting than the topic of alcoholic drinks. Seriously, when I'm at work, I think it's pure torture to have to listen to my co-workers (some of whom are like, 16) talk about the kinds of drinks they've tried and which ones they like or don't like. So with that considered, I must admit that I wasn't terribly entertained by the first episode of this show. I guess it's just not intended for people like me.

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