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Listen To This! - - MP3 Thread


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This thread will be dedicated to the posting of various MP3's that you either like, hate, or ... whatever

I will most likely be posting one MP3 each day and it will be of the more obscure bands that some (if not most) of you have not yet heard/heard OF, but of course you can post whatever you please. Also, it would be nice if you added some information about the artist and/or the song.

Ok ... And now to get us started:

Rudra ~ Twilight of Duality

Rudra hail from Singapore and play a form of Death Metal called: Vedic Death Metal. Vedic Death Metal is basically Death Metal fused with Indian Classical music. This particular song is the first song off of their 2005 album: Brahmavidya: Primordial I. Enjoy, and leave feedback

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that rudra is less refined than i expected. the 'indian' influences aren't as in-your-face as i thought they'd be


ephemeral sun are a weird kayo dot/maudlin of the well-ish band with the (female) singer of gothic metal band Todesbonden and former members of rain fell within

here's one of their 'instro' songs, "winter has no mercy"


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I'll listen to atheist when I get home, but is it really that jazzy? Like..Ephel Duath jazzy? That's the kind of jazzy I want.

That particular song ... not really, but others (especially on the Elements album) are quite jazzy, one song is Samba... It's quite the good mix of genres. I'll send the album if you want

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This is the begining part to the epic my brother and his friend wrote for their final project at the Art Center. The whole song is like 15 minutes I think and consists of just two guitars. The whole thing will be recorded next time their band goes into the recording stuido because it's going on the album I'm sure. So when it gets finished I'll post the whole thing cause it rocks your socks.

and others - Epic 1

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