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Perfect Girl Evolution


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Taken from the animesuki forums:

TV series (starting 3rd October) is based on a shoujo manga series of the same name. The title translates as "the 7 forms of the perfect woman" (some kind of saying) and is also known as "perfect girl evolution" and the US licensed title is "The Wallflower".

Home page:


Main characters:


I like the manga enough that I buy them (in Japanese) though I'm not crazy about it. The main attraction to me is the very unusual main character - Sunako:


Here's a translation of the blurb about her:

The 4 with her are 4 boys (who go to the same school, and a somewhat standard 4 man bishounen squad) who get free rent if she can be turned into a "lady", from the rich lady (Sunako's aunt) who owns the mansion they all live in.

The story is pretty simple, kinda what you see is what you get. Highly episodic, but some character development. It's a comedy series, with lots of "horror" in-jokes. Bit of social commentary on the importance of apperance and so on. Most of the comedy is about Sunako's extremely weird behaviour and the guys' efforts to transform her. Sometimes Sunako (who mostly hides herself), goes into a sort of "cool mode" which is always fun to see.

Sunako's best friends are a skeleton and human anatomy doll.

ep 1 sub can be found here:


some screencaps to come later


screencaps lolz

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zOMG. Yay. :D I love this manga with a passion. So happy that there's now an anime for it. SQUEE.

.....And I just wanna go "zOMG. .....Ranmaru has some fucking red hair...."

D: AND NOI! WHAT THE HELL?!?! Why the hell does she have reddish/pinkish hair!! She's supposed to be fucking BLONDE!

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