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God damn Brithish Poker Sites


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I decided that the tournaments on Pokerstars.com, one of the biggest poker sites on the net, were far too good to pass up. So I decided to withdraw $100 from Caribbean Sun Poker and move it too PokerStars. Now of course this should have been easy, but of course it wasn't. Any difference in the two accounts (Firepay and Ecash) would cause it to be rejected, one had my gmail.com email, and the other had my yahoo. So it was rejected and the account locked with my $160 still inside. When I noticed I couldn't get in I first thought it was due to the recent update, so I waited and still nothing. I emailed CSP and they told me about the issue.

Now I don't get panicy that offen, but at the time I didn't know why it was locked and fearing I couldn't get my money I started to email back and forth, getting nowhere. So I called their support. This is on thursday of last week. I talked to them and they were too nice to get mad, clueless but nice and they told me it would go to the accounts department tomarrow, and it should be cleared up.

Friday I attempted to access my Ecash account though CSP with no result. And so I got back on the phone. According to them at that time something happened so that Firepay rejected it, and the accounts department would look into it when they got back on MONDAY, as they were waiting for are. So I wait, and wait, and wait. Over the weekend is when I got the idea about the Email. And so we near a solution.

Yesterday I still had no access to my Ecash account, and so I called them up again and talked to a repersentitive again. And I told him about the email idea and had him check my Ecash email and I was right. So I made him wait while I was on the phone we'll I changed my Firepay Emai. Problem solved? Nope, he then told me *I* had to contact Firepay and find out what went wrong. After Ecash had told me that they had contacted Firepay and was waiting for a response. So I hung up, now inraged at this new turn of events. I emailed Firepay to ask what happened and why, the email I receved back read as follows:


We show no declined transactions at this time. You can contact the merchant and have them transfer the funds to your FirePay


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further inquiries.

Best regards,


FirePay Customer Service Agent

This generated far more hatred for Ecash then I thought possible. I had gone though this last step and had been run around for NOTHING. One minor issue that *I* had figured out for myself.

So I tried calling them back that night, and three times I got busy signals. I had to wait till today when I got home and I called and quickly told the woman who answered about everything, she read the notes left by the other support people. And boom, my account should be back up in 24 hours, and the second it does my money leaves it, perhaps never to return.

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