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Accelerated Evolution

The car shopping adventures of Anime Gee & Mr. Jones.

Anime Gee

The car buying dilemma! What to choose ... ( ^_^) ??  

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  1. 1. What car would you take?

    • [url=http://www.lexus.com/models/IS/]Lexus IS250[/url]
    • [url=http://mitsubishicars.com/MMNA/jsp/evo/06/index.do]Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS[/url]
    • [url=http://automobiles.honda.com/civic_si_sedan/index.aspx]Honda Civic Si Sedan[/url]
    • [url=http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/displayPage.action?pageParameter=upcomingMS3]Mazda MAZDASPEED3[/url]
    • [url=http://automobiles.honda.com/models/model_overview.asp?ModelName=Fit]Honda Fit Sport[/url]

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So yeah. I've been wanting to get a new car. I've kinda narrowed it down to these.

Lexus IS250: I'd get the 6 speed model with 204 HP. I wouldn't get the IS350, cause first off, it doesn't come with a 6 speed manual. Only automatic & Mr. Jones & I fucking hate automatics. Not to mention that they also come equipped with the VDMM which limits your "fun" instantly. But yeah. The downside is that this car is kinda heavy & a tad bit underpowered. About 3,400 LBS, so acceleration is suffers a bit.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS: Yeah. This is the stripped down version of the 280 HP, 2.0L twin-scroll turbo, all wheel drive monster that has the ability to wipe down a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, M3, 350Z, STi, & most other cars on a race track without a problem, while at the same time, having 4 doors! (^o^ ) <3 The only downside is the insurance, gas, & tires that I will go through every month. ('o' ) !!

Honda Civic Si Sedan: This is the first time Honda releases the Si with 4 doors. It has the ultra reliable KA20 motor that will be pumping out 200 horses. The downside is that this car is a Honda. It's going to be a theft magnet & every fucking kid with some kind of riced up car is going to try to race me at every stop light.

Mazda MAZDASPEED3: This little 5 door hatch is pumping out 263HP!! It's supposed to be a fun little car. The downside is that it's front wheel drive. Yeah. Too much power going to the front so this might be a little tricky to drive at the limit.

Honda Fit Sport: This little 109 HP 1.5L pea shooter saves lots of gas & comes with a six speed manual too! Yeah. It doesn't have power or anything like that, but the gas savings would be great. Not to mention that it's pretty roomy & it swallows lots of stuff & people easily! I could turn my current car into a dedicated track / canyon beater while I'm at it. The downside is the lack of power to this car.

Yeah. So many decisions... I guess I'll have to test drive a few of these. Not the EVO 'cause I've already flogged one down my local canyons & I know how that one feels. (^_^ )

Any other recomendations? It must have a manual transmission. CVT & automatic transmissions are unacceptable! Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. I'm not a fan of German cars. Let's just say that German electronics are not that great... ( >o<)/

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS: Yeah. This is the stripped down version of the 280 HP, 2.0L twin-scroll turbo, all wheel drive monster that has the ability to wipe down a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, M3, 350Z, STi, & most other cars on a race track without a problem, while at the same time, having 4 doors! (^o^ ) <3 The only downside is the insurance, gas, & tires that I will go through every month. ('o' ) !!

While I do believe it could wipe a Corvette, Camaro and 350Z, the Mustang and STi losing to an import all-wheel in the quarter is pretty hard to believe. If we are talking about an early 90's Mustang or a late 90's era v6 gimped-mobile, then sure; but if we are talking about 5.0 with a short-throw or a STi with a few weight modifications, then I'd have to see it to believe it.

Personally, I would wait for the '09 Camaro, Hot Rod magazine is having a huge open letter/surver to Chevy to get this thing off the line with a v8 300bHP engine for under 30,000.


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I live my life one canyon road, one road course, one autocross course at a time. Hahahaha! Quarter mile time don't really mean anything to me. I want handling more than anything else. 'Cause yeah. Stock for stock, the STi would spank an EVO up & down the drag strip, but not by much. Stock for stock, the EVO beats down an STi on a road course, but not by much & you have to remember that the EVO has less power than the STi. The EVO's handling is awesome! (^_^ )

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I have this need for speed & handling that can only be satisfied in the canyons or on a road course. The Fit would be very lacking for that, but then I could convert my current car into a full race car, but the aftermarket support for a B15 Sentra is really lacking. That's where my dilemma is. Hmmmm.... ( '_') ??

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^ I forgot to mention that I have a box as well. That thing is insanely roomy, as far as passenger space goes. (^o^ ) <3

Buy the one that has the coolest name!

The Mistubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS? ( ^o^) <3 ??

I'm gonna go test drive some of these cars as soon as I get a chance & the Civic Si sedan & Mazda MAZDASPEED3 come out. ( ^_^) I'll take my pick then. Something tells me that I might get rid of my Sentra & end up with the Civic Si or the EVO 9 RS.... (^_^ ) ???

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for me, its between the lexus and lanevo.... lexus is freakin sexy and lanevo is just pure driving orgasm.

Lexus... god thats sexy. six speed... yeah very nice. you'd get some ass in that.

Lanevo 9... soo sexy. awd + turbo... drool... and enough aftermarket to make your head spin. its an engineering wonder. i dont even know why you bother listing any other cars on the list other than this one, so im voting for it.

honda civic si... yeah its cool i guess. i mean i dont know why you have this AND the fit. i think the fit is better than this car in every way.

mazda 3? ew, no thank you. isnt mazda 95% ford except for the RX? fwd too...

fit... i keep hearing good things about this car. a well tuned fit (NA even) appearantly has been turning heads. but youd have to dedicate plenty of time and money

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i'd go with the Fit, it's a good little machine, and since you said you'd turn the Sentra into your all-time canyon-beater, why get something completely different? you've put your time and money into the Sentra already, i wouldn't sell it, it's a good car. and the Fit will (as you said) save you loads of money

unless of course you want some performance out of it... in which case you could get the Civic Si, since that gets kick ass gas mileage as well, but that all really depends on if you want to sell the Sentra or not....

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I say get a Subaru WRX wagon. They get good gas mileage, can hold lots of stuff, are hella fast, and can turn like they're on rails. Oh, and that crazy new-ish front end that everyone hates looks AWESOME. Seriously, I tent my pants every time I drive past the Subaru dealership on the way to work everyday. I want one. I want one. I freakin' want one! You can't get the base model with leather though which is lame.

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^ Yeah! The Evolution 9 MR is really nice, but the money that I will spend on gas, tires, & insurance is going to drive me bankrupt. Well, not bankrupt, but I won't end up having much money left over by the end of the month. I plan to beat that shit in the canyons & that's one expensive hobby! Heh! The sticker price of $38,000 kinda holds me back too. Hahahha!

I went to the LA Auto Show yesterday night. I didn't get to see much 'cause I got there kinda late & I was only interested in seeing the new Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC V & the Honda Civic Si sedan. The Sentra is still using a rear torsion beam so that car has been scratched off my list. Not to mention that it's still running the old QR25DE motor that has a tendency to blow up, eat butterfly screws, consume oil, eat the precat, & all kinds of other crazy problems, although the chief engineer for the legendary VQ35DE motor (350Z, Altima, Maxima, Infiniti G35, Infiniti FX35, Infiniti M35) was in charge of revamping the ultra unreliable QR25DE Nissan motor, so yeah. We'll see how that goes.

But yeah!! I sat in the new Civic Si & whoa!!! That little pocket rocket is nice! I also saw the new Mazda MazdaSpeed3. It's also very nice, but kinda portly at almost 3,200 LBS!!! ( 'o') But yeah. I'll be rolling in a new car in March or so. Most likely it seems like I'll be getting the Civic Si sedan. I'm just waiting to see how much the Mugen edition Civic Si sedan will be selling for.

I'll be going back to the LA Auto Show this Saturday or Sunday to see more cars & take lots of pics! (^o^ ) <3

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