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The Prestige

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Between Bale and American Psycho, Nolan and Memento, I guess its only natural that the two of them combine to make a "thinker".

Between this and The Departed it looks like the fall is kicking the Summer movie season's ass.

Fuck.. I wanna see this, but the local Newspaper said its crappy, but who am I to listen to critics.

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Originally I thought it was going to be a simple story of two rival magicians but its so much more than that.

On the outside it does a nice job of conveying deep seeded obsession. But underneath there are a lot of fine details throughout the film that add a lot of depth ala LA Confidential or The Usual Suspects. The twists at the end beg for repeat viewings.

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Looking at the cast I had no idea Tesla was played by David Bowie. Kind of weird seeing how I watched Zoolander at work today.

I didn't catch it at all either!

I was supposed to watch the revamped TNBC, but their version was damaged? :mellow:

So, we watched The Prestiege.

And I cried. :ohmy: It was so good. The whole time, I was screaming that more mansex was needed. Ohmaigawd.

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I just saw it earlier, and I liked it a lot. It was actually a lot more loyal to the book than I had expected.

Though comparing the two recent stage magic movies, I think I actually liked The Illusionist a bit more.

Great acting, except the editor of this movie SUCKED. They could have cut about 45 minutes out of this movie. It dragged so much ass in the beggining of the movie. It picked up and was very exciting towards the end. But seriously I feel like the actors got ripped off because they did there part and the editing was just terrible.

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