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Poophy’s beard


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I think that this is the picture that best shows my beard on here, if I feel motivated later on I might actually dig out my camera and take one…

But any way, I have been considering doing something with my facial hair and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions…

Right now all im doing is trimming it once in a while, its still reasonably long, just not completely out of control…

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Coming from someone who used to have a beard, (see below) I can tell you that shaving it off can be a good and a bad thing. For one, you get noticed alot when you are clean cut, you may think it looks awesome to have one, and trust me, poophy looks amazing, but sometimes it's for the best.

I got many a compliment when I trimmed it down to the point where it just looked like the movie-star constant 5-O clock shadow. But sometimes you go through beard withdrawal, and you will almost feel naked without it, so proceed with caution.

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