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Weird homework rituals...


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Right now I'm doing this cool homework ritual called "not writing my midterm essay."

As you can probably guess, it's really helping me write my midterm essay.

Same here, though mine is due tomorrow morning, which means I have plenty of time to write it... :dry:

Back to Ghostbusters 2!!

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Well... I guess when I actually decide to write my papers, I always have to listen to classical music, for some reason. I have a really beautiful playlist of Beethoven and Mozart that I always put on. I think that it drives some people crazy. At least when I sit in the living room and play it loudly while reading. But normally, I have it on gently in the background in my room while I type. I love it when it picks up and gets really full. It's at those moments that I type like a fiend, trying to keep up with the music. You should all really try it out. I can't listen to jazz at all though when I try to write papers. It's just too... snazzy and snappy. I can't concentrate.

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