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Accelerated Evolution

Save Wal-Mart from the Radical Homosexual Agenda!

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God blessed Wal-Mart because Sam Walton applied biblical principles to run his business. He never failed to give King Jesus the glory.

How is treating your employees like shit and killing off smaller business which offered superior service applying biblical principals? ..oh wait. That fits perfectly with Christinanity.

And now it's time for: Taking Things Out of Contex

It’s time for us to come out of the closet!


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American businesses across the nation are being blackmailed by the devil himself. They are being forced by the "politically correct" dogma (abortion, homosexuality, etc) of our day to accept his terms. If one chooses to defy this dogma, he will be forever branded as a right-wing, bigoted fascist, bent on forcing his own religion (Christianity) down everyone else’s throat. If the Church or any business will not accept these terms, or truly honors God, there will be hell to pay!

Aren't these the exact kind of people they're talking about?

Also, does this mean we're going to have a Jesus-Mart? Can I go there for all my Jesus needs at biblical prices? Will this Mart be the Mart of Marts?!

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King Jesus sounds like a wrestler. And then he can feud with "The King Of Kings" Triple H, King Boooker, and Jerry "The King" Lawler.


The NGCC desires that the world's largest retailer would also become the world's largest promoter of homosexual sodomy!

That would be amazing to see a sign in Wal Mart that says "REMEMBER TO STICK IT IN THE POOPER!" :hardgay:

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Praise Wal-Mart! Jesus hath passed down great savings through the mighty walls of mart! We mustn't allow the evil homosexual agenda to over throw our traditional lack of true morals and ignorant display of blatant prejudice!

Amen Brother Arsie! Amen! Praise the Lord! Hallowed be the name of the prophet Sam!

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