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Five-Diamond World Poker Classic II $15,000 Main Event began yesterday with heavyweights like Sam Farha and Barry Greenstein in the top twenty in chips after the first day. Other pros like Phil Laak, Eskimo Clark, Men Nguyen, Paul Darden, and the Great Doyle Brunson are still alive and ready to take away their leads.


Phil Ivey's million doller win in the Monte Carlo Millions bumpped him up to 18th on Card Players "Player of the Year" board. But his five final tables this year still fall short of Men Nguyen this year with 15 final tables under his belt. However Ivey's wins have mattered more taking home 1.7 million, Nguyen has only won $959,332 so far.

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The third day of the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic began twenty minutes ago. Day one was played down to 349, and day two ended with only 121 left. Day 2 saw current leader for the Cardplayer Player of the year, Men Nguyen, gone with no points earned toward the title. Michael Mizrachi who was one of the favorites and also second in chips at the end of the first day was also eliminated by the end of the second, as well as last years winner Daniel Negreanu. Very few player remain in this last big tournament in the year that can overtake Nguyen.

The surprise of the day came with The Living Legend Doyle Brunson who despite this age of 72 has been able to keep up with the younger players and out play them. At the end of day 1, Doyle was in the bottom 25 with less chips then he started with. But Day 2 he tore threw the field and ended in 4th place with a dominating 418,000 chips. No other player has been able to battle off age as well as Doyle with his record tieing tenth WSOP braclet this year, and his deep finish in the 2004 main event (the largest tournament ever played at that point and filled with people he had a hard time playing), Doyle may still have another few years of world class poker left in him. I, for one, hopes he wins this tournament and shows everyone that Legends never die.

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From the Five-Diamond:

Date / Time: 2005-12-15 12:07:00

Title: Blinds at $8,000-$16,000 ($2,000 Ante); Shuffle Up & Deal!

Log: There are 43 minutes left at the current level when play ended last night, and the blinds are at $8,000-$16,000, with a $2,000 ante. Tournament Director Jack McClelland gives the opening announcements, and then it's time to shuffle up and deal!

Yesterday they entered into the money and played untill 1AM leaving only 26 players. Ten minutes ago play resumed with Doyle still going strong at sixth in chips. Darrell Dicken, known as one of the greatest online players around, lost the chip lead late last night and now stands at 20th place with $316,000. His super agressive unpredictable sytle shouldn't be ignored while moving toward the final table, which we should be at by the end of the day. The first prize of 2 million is still up for grabs by anyone, but the current Nine chip leaders (nine people will go to the final table) are:

Joanne J.J. Liu $1,980,000

Rehne Pedersen $1,460,000

Joe Cassidy $1,207,000

Bengt Sonnert $1,194,000

Patrik Antonius $1,121,000

Doyle Brunson $1,110,000

Ron Kirk $873,000

James Van Alstyne $831,000

Brad Yukon Booth $666,000

The payout increase much faster once the top nine is reached and is as follows:

1 $2,078,185

2 $1,046,470

3 $563,485

4 $362,140

5 $241,495

6 $160,995

7 $144,895

8 $128,795

9 $112,695

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The Five-Diamond is down to the Final six and will resume at 7 tonight (10 EST) the Final Table is as follows:

1. Joanne "J.J." Liu - $3,630,000 (seat 4)

2. Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken - $3,510,000 (seat 1)

3. Rehne Pedersen - $3,225,000 (seat 3)

4. Phil "Unabomber" Laak - $2,505,000 (seat 5)

5. Doyle Brunson - $2,025,000 (seat 6)

6. Patrik Antonius - $1,755,000 (seat 2)

The legendary Doyle Brunson may add another huge tournament win to his career.

Because of Maciek "Michael" Gracz being eliminated yesterday Men "The Master" Nguyen will almost surely win Cardplayer's Player of the year award.

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Rehne Pedersen wins the 2005 WPT Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic, winning $2,078,185, a gold-and-diamond bracelet, and a $25,500 entry into the season-ending WPT World Championship. Patrik Antonius finished second, earning $1,046,470.

The rest of the Final Table finishies are as so:

Doyle Brunson $563,485

Joanne J.J. Liu $362,140

Phil Laak $241,495

Darrell Dicken $241,495

#171 hands were played at an epic Final Table, The blinds made it too the 22nd level at $30000-$60000, and some great poker was played out.

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