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My friend called me today asking what I had planned. I told him the usual, loligagging on assignments and procrastinating on the internet along with random rpg playage. Earlier in the week I had asked him if he stil had working copies of his snes rpgs, such as Crono Trigger, FF2, and Secret of Mana. I mentioned that when I was younger, I used to play SoM along with my brother for countless hours. That seemd to strike a nerve with him. He insisted I go over to his house and we play SoM from start to finish.

I liked the idea. So, after quickly finishing all the crap that was due the next day I rushed over to his house. We also got to talking about the new Mana game for the DS, Children of Mana. For some reason we got on the subject about him having to get a DS one of these day due to the countless rpgs coming out for it. Also, the bundle pack announced for pre-orders of CV Portrait of Ruin also caught his eye. In any case, he said that I drove him (the bum does not have a car of his own, due to his being wrecked lol) to EB, that he would finally buy a DS and that game so we could play together.

It was a done deal. Not like I had the money to waste to buy yet another rpg I will prolly find no time to play, but getting my friend to buy a DS was that much more enticing. We get to the store, and along with the mindless jabber from the workers there, (I love to ramble about rpgs and the matter to just about anyone) we both picked up the game.

FunFact: I also picked up the Limited Edition FF12 strategy guide, and in the cover there is a random picture of one of the main characters from the game. In my cover, was the guy who had a Scar on his forehead. Not like he looks that cool, but that made me and my friend smile. (aka my nickname)

Anyways, with both of us Ds ready and Children of Mana in hand, what do we do? That's right, we bust out the old SNES and pop in Secret of Mana! lol I guess my friend liked the sprite, so I got to be the Mana hero which I named Scar (hahaha) and his guy we named Tiny. (no idea) We played to about the part where you get Undine and have to travel back underground. The dumb ass girl dies so much, we just leave her dead. She wasn't really useful, not until she gets cure spells. lol We stopped there because he needed to wake up early for work and I needed to get home and sleep. (doing a good job of that!)

Moral of that story? Secret of Mana rocks!


Gotta love this series!

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Me and my friend (yeah, that's right, I addressed myself first, bite me) played some 2-player Children of Mana. It's a hell of a lot of fun. The game plays a bit differently from the other Mana games (being more of a dungeon crawler and less of an adventure), but it's still pretty fun (certainly better than Legend of Mana), and they finally managed to do multiplayer correctly (for the first time since Seiken Densetsu 3). I would highly recommend it, especially if you have friends to play it with.

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Day 2!

Back on track we went to the underground Palace.. I am sure we were underleveled or something. The boss beat us horribly bad. Which is funny, because I don't ever remember having ANY trouble on this guy EVER. He trapped me in a corner and spammed his spells on us until we died obviously. FUN FUN! We beat him the next go arounds. By the way, that game over screen is sad. :( Anyways, after stomping him and getting even more spells to abuse bosses with we went to the haunted ruins of whatever in Pandora. (hahaha, that girls name is Phanna!) Once again we went in and layed the smack down on all the monsters inside, but we went too far and expended all our magic and supplies. Where we were, we couldn't magic rope, so we had to fight the wall with no items or magic. Maybe if my friend was decent at ALL we could have won, I beat down on my eye on no time. It took him like 13 hours to kill the other one, and by that time I was already dead. So we lost, and once again had to do the dungeon again. The second time was much easier.

Onto the Dwarves village yet again! Oh no, a hole has emerged! We venture in and destroy Kilroy and retrieve the water seed. HURRAY! Taking it back we come to realize (GASP!) the water temple has been taken over! Nooooooooo

Luka is imprisoned and we must face off against the jabberwock. He easily fell to our blades. With him vanquished it was off to the Upper Lands to take Tiny back home!

MOOGLES! We get there and the dumb shit Tiny forgets everything. So we have to travel the season and beat blue spinning things and restore peace and love in the forest of da moogles. After mindless trecking of spring, winter, summer, and fall we finally get the path open and get entrance into the village of sprites.


The village has been ransacked! Everyone is dead! What happened! We hear a shriek and see this huge big bird a drugs type of monster attacking the village. He was the cause of the mass genocide, so that night we cooked us some big bird for dinner. We killed him good. In the back, in the mana palace, the sprites Grampa was the sole survivor of the attack. He gave us Sylphid to aid us and we were on our way to......



to be continued...

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Day 3 ( a rather short adventure due to Anchorman interference.)

After much rest at gramps palace we set off to the Shroom inhabited village of Matango. (I plan to say Matango to people when I greet them, see what kind of reactions I get from people. lol) The mustached king sent us to kill a serpant who had been bothering his people. Oh, and there was this cute lil dragon at the end of the cave too! We rescued him from the snake, but did not get there in time to save his parents. King truffle took in Flammie. It was so cute! He sat on the throne next to the king, like a purty queen!

He forced the caveman canon dude to take us to our next destination. With the option of ice cold terrain or scorching hot deserts, we jumped into the canon and let the winds guide us. Sadly, we landed smack dab in the middle of the hot ass desert! Bummer! We had no idea where the town was, and our bodies were getting dehydrated and fast! Lucky for us we happened to find a ship out in the fierce heat. We jumped in with no hesitation.

Gawd damn dumb ass crew members! Mistaking us for spies? The nerve! They let us in, but made us do mindless peon work around the ship. I happened to find a friend who managed to distract the guards long enough for me to find all my friends, but just as we found the dumb bitch (who was being raped by one of the captains) the Empire took over the ship!

The same fag who took over the water palace had secured the ship and when he saw us, he decided to play with us for a little bit. Which was totally no fair! He was on some flying motorcycle thing. We had never even SEEN a motorcycle before, but he was a terrible driver and we beat the snott out of him with ease!

Afterwards, the empire's goons ran away and we finally founf the town which was depraved of water. Now we gotta save this town too? Just our luck.....

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I too heard Dawn of Mana sucks. There is really no hope for this series anymore. Children of Mana is okay, but it's just a dungeon crawler, and dungeon crawlers are a stupid idea. It's like you take one thing that is fun about an RPG, but ditch all the other enjoyable aspects (like visiting towns and exploring the world).

Here's to hoping Dragon Quest IX turns out to be the awesome multiplayer action RPG we're hoping for.

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