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Apartment, I have one, come over.


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Well, what do you know, I finally have made myself a made man, I am moving out of this labryinth of hate and frustration I call "Home" and am in the final stages of getting my own apartment. I am leaving my house for the sole reason that I am have stripped of my freedom the day my step father came into my life at ago 8.

Let me give you some backstory:

When I was younger, I couldn't go anywhere, when I was in High School, if I did not have a 3.7 average or higher, I had to stay out of my room until 9PM, and even then, the only electronic device allowed in my room was a lamp to do homework. I was deprived of friends, events, my video games, my art tools, my freedom. I grew spiteful to the point of violence in my teen years, I established myself as quite the asshole at my school simply because I used my academic times as a outlet to my frustrations. People looked to me as the rebel of an elite private school, I gained many "friends", yet many enemies in the school Administation.

After graduating, my freedom was still gone, I had to be home by 11PM, and had to give my parents an entire roadtrip plan of where I was going, and with who. One night, I was in a traffic jam, and was home at 11:01PM, and had curfew brought down to 9PM for 2 years. I fought to get it back up again, but it was stuck to 10PM instead. I snuck out a million and one times, until one day when I was 18, I realized that I was living the life of a 12 year old, where my social life was controlled by my parents, and their grip was like that of a vice. I couldn't even go into my own bedroom alone with my girlfriend, of which my parents loved because she was so pure.

That was a day of reckoning, and now, my dreams have come to fruition as of 11:37AM, when I recieved my fateful call that I landed the apartment I had been trying to get into for months. I am paying 700$ a month to live with a friend of mine; the apartment is a two floor, two bedroom, and I am also selling the car I was forced to keep since I lived at home.

I was offered a 1989 Toyota Supra MKii for 2500$ last week, and the engine is a new one with 40K miles on it, and the rear axle had been fully repaired from the excessive force the owner applied to the back end of the car with peeling out and such. I had my hopes set on a 86' 5.0, but this will do for the mere fact that I am getting a car with 10,000$ of work into it for 2,500$, and I pay less for a sports car then my compact family car in insurance!

The point of this thread is more or less just me spreading some great news in my life, since I have been having nothing but misfortune as of late, also, I want to know what everyone would do if they were going into something life this.

The apartment is unfurnished, so if anyone has some great ideas on what I should buy that is cheap and practical, then send it on down to me.

Photos will b coming soon.

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Congrats, man. That sounds pretty rad.

And, yeah, Ikea. Can't go wrong, the instructions aren't written in engrish because the instructions have no language!

But, yes, it sounds like this is a good turn for you. Congraturations.

EDIT: Although getting furniture off of Craig's list can be scary, it can also be hilarious, and cheap.

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Boy, your parents suck.

I was born in 1989 and my family's always got Toyota Corollas. Toyotas are great cars and you die a lot less if you use one. Major congratulations on the apartment and the car <3

Craig's List has tons of free furniture, and you're doing the earth a favor by reusing =D

Just don't take anything moldy (it can actually GIVE you allergies)

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Step dads, ha.

My mother tried that whole bit on me a while back except it was just her boy friend. Long story short my mom had to call the cops on the two of us more then once. (Not my fault I swear!) I can't have some douche bag bad mouth my father in front of me and let it go willy nilly.


Sounds rough amigo. Glad to see things finally are working yer way.

and no, you didn't sound emo. Douche-bagaritos sound emo.

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Congrats on your newfound freedom. I reccomend buying yourself only what you need for furnishing (couch, table, chairs, maybe some stands for things) until you're sure this is going to be a stable investment in your life. After you're sure of that, go crazy.

screw that, spend all the money you can on things you don't need and let pizza boxes be your furniture.

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