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collective healthy food log!!!


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In winter/holiday season it is easy to eat unhealthy food! Soo post here when you eat something healthy with what it was and we will all be healthy during the holiday season *dance*

I just had

- Part of a cucumber

- Some normal water

- Some VITAMIN FORTIFIED Fruit20 water (well that has splenda so err) "Tropical Immunity"

- A vitamin pill

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-cranberry juice (sugar free variety)

-2 whole grain wheat english muffin


-tomato juice

-italian dressing (olive oil is good for you)


-white rice

-fresh cranberries


-small chocolate muffin

-1 slice american cheese XD


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well back then you didn't get the bison driven to your house! Also you didn't live long/eat enough bison for everyone to get heart problems. I think it's good that the government is trying to help people become healthy >>

- oh yeah, drank more water :D;;

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