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Final Fantasy 12


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Not quite sure if anyone else is playing this game but so far I am enjoying it. Its a nice cross between the music and feel of Final Fantasy Tactics and the battle system(ish?) of 11. Plus I am a sucker for British accents.

Maybe its because I really havent played my PS2 much other then Disgaea 2 but I'm impressed with the visuals and that they were able to get that out of the PS2.

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Been on the game for about 10 hours now, if anyone has read my thoughts in the "What ARe You Currently Playing" thread, then you know how I feel on certain subjects.

But I can easily say that this is one of the best written Final Fantasies to date, the dialouge is just filled with great quotes, and like everyone says, Balthier is one of the greatest characters spawned from the series.

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Although, I did find the Judge Geis fight on the Dreadnout to be a bit unfair; coming into the fight, if you aren't fully prepared and know exactly what to do, you will be killed all to soon because you are foced from a 4 man party into a 3.
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I was caught by surprise and had to restart from the beginning in the mid-boss fight before Ghis. XD Ghis was a pain! But I'm LOVING that bosses are actually challenging.

I need to backtrack and work on hunts. ;)

What is everyone's party so far? I have the gentlemen in mind. :X Vahn is my healer, Basch is my manipulator, Balthier is my time mage. XD

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