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Best Cold/Flu Remedies.


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'Tis the season, so what's the best way to get better from a cold/flu. I think most know the chicken soup, lots of liquids, and plenty of rest approach, but what else works?

:ninja: Okay, so the reality of it is- I'm ill. I have 3 days to get better in time for a concert I've been working my @ss off for, and need to heal quick. XD I'll even take any temporary cures that would just make me feel better for concert day. Help? Pretty please?

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Atreyu/Every Time I Die/Chiodos is on Sunday.

Nintendo Fusion Tour is on Wednesday.

Ironically, I got ill from working 35 hours last week, going to school and writing papers while on break at work, and then spending the last little amount of time I had hanging fliers for the Atreyu concert. Maybe if I sleep all day tomorrow I'll get better because I'm just exhausted. << >>

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Sleeping all day is a good idea. That's kind of what I did a couple weeks ago.

Except there was excessive, excessive drinking the night before, so it didn't really count as sleep because I barely remember.

^That's my backup plan if I don't feel too well the day of the concert. Drinking seems to cover up the symptoms of most illnesses. :laugh:

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Ways to combat the flu, a step by step guide:

1) Drink lots of tea and things rich in vitamin C. A good deal of water also works splendidly.

2) Sleep often, if you're so sick it's hard take a decongestant and/or an advil.

3) Stop listening to Atreyu.

4) Contract Gonorrhea. You'll forget you have the flu.

I'm fine with the first two but to the second- No. Just no.

And don't pick on my music tastes. =P

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