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The guys at Games Workshop are a bunch of corrupt fucks who design their game to make you spend as much money as possible.

They make cool fluff and that's about it, I hate 40K.

Their specialist games are pretty cool, though. Gorkamorka, Necromunda, and Mordheim I've heard good things about (and played the first two, and I approve). But they don't support these games nearly as much (Gorkamorka not at all anymore) because you just need to buy a squad of dudes once and a book and that's it. But with 40K you need to buy several squads of models, and then replace them all every few years when the new codex comes out.

There are some rad miniatures games out there but none of them are 40K.

/toy soldier nazi

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One of these days I'd like to get into historical wargaming, or at least try it. It seems interesting, and catering to a different kind of gamer.

For me, it's the most fun to paint the miniatures! But I can't justify the expense if I'm not going to get some gaming out of them, which is why I haven't gotten any Grey Knight Terminators, even though I think they look drop-dead awesome. There are some rad 40K models out there, and fluff, and of course if you're going to play with people, you have to play the same game, but I don't like the game design and company policy (if an LGS is too successful GW will open a more competitive GW Store nearby).

My game of choice is Warmachine, it's got cool models, decent fluff, and really fun game mechanics. But whatever floats your boat in terms of wargaming, we're all one big, happy family (or at least we ought to be) that plays around with toy soldiers.

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Galkar, Revitalizing your favorite PnP club, at least for the moment!

I have a ton of Tyranid models, although I agree about GW and will never buy any more.

WARMACHINE (you spelled it wrong, CF) does rule pretty hard. The miniatures are all of much higher quality than most of the ones that come out of Games Workshop, the game is a lot of fun, and you don't have to buy the same ungodly number of models like you do with Tyranids (although everything Privateer Press makes is pewter, so there are no cheap plastic models).

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Man... I haven't done anything with miniature gaming since I got to college. I don't have a good place to work on modeling and painting anymore.

Pretty much the same here. Hopefully I'm going to get some free time and space over the summer to get some painting done.

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So my buds (one of which is Galkar) and are starting to have semi-regular painting parties. It's awesome.

I just ordered a bunch of Cygnar models, when they come through it's time to tear shit up. What I ordered:


Grenadier Light Warjack

Epic Warcaster Major Victoria Haley

What I still want to get:


Sword Knights

Centurion Heavy Warjack (going to try and convert the spear on this guy so it's longer)

Trencher Officer and Sharpshooter

And this guy cuz he's awesome

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