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GPS thread

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let me rephrase that: aside from his political opinions, he's a pretty down to earth guy. but i think that would hold true to most people.

I don't know about you guys, but I certainly dont judge people on their politics. Even Hunter S Thompson found a drinking buddy in Richard Nixon.

I agree with the taking his political opinions with a grain of salt, but the deitizing of Heinlein is a little extreme at times.

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too late your hand burned off

Not even credit that I stopped myself!


yeah, those boobs are like the sun man, like the sun.

As big as, perhaps.

GPS is a very cool guy he's just easy to make joke threads about

I defended him to my ho recently. I said I think GPS operates towards a noble moral platform but he does it kind of weird.

That wouldn't be a certain lurker, would it?

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