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Galexia Update


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[sample of new CD below]

I might aswell give an update on the upcoming self-titled GALEXIA album. Which is 100% full studio quality mastered, making even the high quality old material sound like garbage.

This album is a full on Industrial Metal Album (Both NIN style industrial, and Industrial Dance like VNV Nation), with some death metal splashes, and goth / doom splashes aswell. Some moments of old-school Galexia style (ala Definitive Look at Time and Space / Meteor) in choruses of songs and whatnot, and one song reminiscent to that style, but more digital and dancey.

The current album line up has just finished being mixed and mastered today, I think it may stay this way unless I decide to write and add another song. Paying 150 for official artwork, and it will be sold online at 2blossoms (my label), so this is the reaaal deeaalll (as I thought meteor was, but meteor is a joke compared to this cd)

galexia - galexia


01 - Reconnected (Galexia Online)

02 - Sup?

03 - Malphas

04 - Axiom

05 - Ashtray

06 - [ s a i s h o ]

07 - Never Speak

08 - Mecha

09 - Vortex

10 - Beethoven on Acid

11 - Opera (17th Century)

12 - Magnum

13 - Your Gone

14 - Disconnected (Galexia Offline)


Here for your listening pleasure is 10 seconds+ of each track in one sampler cd to see what its all about.

(low quality sampler - )


comment below!!

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