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Happiness! [56k is about magic schools, romance, and traps!]


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First things first... This series is based off an erotic dating game, so there is bound to be some boobage, right? Anyway, the series starts off with a young boy who happend to come across some ruffians bullying a young girl. Being the brave boy that he his, he scares them away... WITH MAGIC! The dame is hit with several love arrows as she falls instantly in love with the hero and his actions; but the boy never reveals his name and they never seen each other since.


Years later, we see that the little girl has enrolled in a school that apparently teaches magic. She is a freshman named Kamisaka Haruhi. (Is it me or Haruhi is a really common name amongst Japanese females?) Back to the school! It seems that the school she goes to has two sections... a "Normal Section" for the normal students and a "Magic Section" for students who want to learn magic skills. The talking staff she carries around is named Saprano.


Hiiraga Anri, the lady sneaking up on Haruhi boobs first, appears to be a good friend of hers and at the same time the ulitmate rival! Like every other friendly rivals, she makes it her goal to do anything and everything Hauri does and do it twice as better. Like Haruhi, she also has a talking staff, the staffs name is Paella.


So, now we go see our male lead, Yuuma. (I am sure his surname wasn't mentioned in the episode.) He spends most of the episode hanging out with his two friends, Hachi and Jun. Hachi? More like Haaaa... Fucking useless! To make things worse for poor Hachi, all the females on campus hates him and he complains to Yuuma a lot about it. Jun on the other hand seems to be very attracted to Yuuma and possibly his girlfriend. Incidentally, Yuuma seems a little bit put off by her attentionness and tends to shy away from her. Oh and Jun seems to be the only girl to acknowledge Yuumas existence. Valentines Day comes a rollin and all the girls are on a manhunt! Even Haurhi and whats her face!


In a weird twist of fate, Yuuma and Haruhi both escape their captors (Jun and Anri respectively) under the oldest excuse of getting a breather. The two stumble across the familiar scene of a little girl being roughed up by brats! Yuuma tries to talk them out of it, but fails. This is where Haruhi patches things up with the use of magic! I am sure by now, you are wondering "Hey, this HAS to be the boy from earlier on! Sans magic!" Well, so does Haruhi and she goes to investigates him! Too bad Yuuma is already gone to hang out with Jun again. Jun gets rather territorial than usual, she doesn't want poor Yuuma to hang out with any other girl except for her. Yuuma tells her that he never agreed to go out with Jun... More than likely it is because...



This makes a lot more sense! Jun is obviously gay for boys (Mostly Yuuma.) and took the Princess Princess route towards hot gay sex. It seems the plan works well enough for his liking because he is always wearing female clothing and speaks in a very feminine (I still can't pronounce this word. And I don't meant AHHH-Nold Girly, I meant teenage girl girly.) Jun can be considered God (Godess?) Of All Traps. So, now that it is Valentines Day, we get to see a lot of bitching and fighting! Hachi complains about the only girl that ever gives him chocolate was Jun. I meant, why should he? Apparently, he isn't THAT desperate...


Haruhi won't tell Anri who her Valentine partner is, so the only course of action that Anri decides best would be to use magic to cripple poor Haruhi and strip search her body for any clues to what boy she is looking for.


Everything is going fighttastic until a stray spell from Anri shoots out through the window and lands right infront of Yuuma, pwning him hardcore in a hilarious looking explosion. Don't worry though! Yuuma gets chocolate for the troubles he went through and the girls are smart enough not to ask him his name. Way to go!



Judging by this screen cap, I dare you to guess what happens! I FUCKING DARE YOU! The Earth revolves, gravity keeps us down, the sun radiates and gives warmth to our planet, and a romance anime plot is born! Blahh da blaah de blah bla baaahhhhhhh! It is then revealed that Haurhi, lack of knowledge that Jun is a he he he he he he he he he he he guy man he, mistakens Jun to be Yuumas girlfriend.

To sum it up, it is like any other romance anime you probably saw... with magic! So, if you hate romance, then just leave this thread now! Although, there are several key things that keeps this from being a mediocre romance anime! Like how the main female mistaken the crossdresser as the main males boyfriend! Uhm... Torrents!

Shiawase's ep1v2 (Xvid): http://a.scarywater.net/shiawase/%5BShiawa...%5D.mkv.torrent

Shiawase's ep1v2 (h264): http://a.scarywater.net/shiawase/%5BShiawa...%5D.mkv.torrent

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