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A gallon of pickles? Or...

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FaultyClockwork: Keep posting on AE and I will find you and execute you.

Prodigal Pickle: Omg really? o.O

FaultyClockwork: Yes.

FaultyClockwork: Judding soley on your profile picture you appear worthless.

FaultyClockwork: Leave, AE is only for the worthy and intelligent.

Prodigal Pickle: o_O First of all, fuck you.

Prodigal Pickle: You don't know me.

Prodigal Pickle: Second, I only joined for Crube.

Prodigal Pickle: He invited me.

Prodigal Pickle: So you can fucking go to hell.

FaultyClockwork: Crube is a pawn we use to entice n00bs.

Prodigal Pickle: O_o;

Omg... that was so evil! ><;

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For some reason your name reminds me of a clip my psych professor showed us of a chick that had a phobia of pickles. o_o

Nice to meet you! :)

Yeah, I saw a clip of a girl who had a phobia of Pickles on Maury or something...

My friends and I just sat there and laughed through the entire thing. It was awesome. <3

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