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Kid Spits, Manager Shoots.

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(CBS) NEW YORK A teenager was shot and killed in front of a Bronx Burger King and the manager of the fast-food restaurant is being charged with the murder.

Police say 16-year-old Shaka Walcott was killed during a shootout with 45-year-old Ronald Johannes, who manages the Baychester Burger King. It's unclear how the gun battle broke out, but witnesses say Walcott was seen spitting in Johannes' face. The two had apparently been engaged in a dispute that had culminated for well over a week's time.

After the shootout, Johannes left the scene injured as Walcott remained on the ground, dying from the multiple gunshot wounds in his torso.

Walcott's friends say he was an aspiring musician.

"He was cool, he didn't deserve to get shot like that," said Shaun Robinson, Walcott's friend.

Police say Johannes made it back to his home on Whickham Street after the shooting and when he arrived he was still bleeding from him gunshot wounds. He was arrested after returning home.

"He was a quiet person, doesn't bother anyone as far as I know," said Johannes' neighbor, Roxanne Normil.

But customers at the Burger King that Johannes manages say they have had run-ins with him before.

"The manager -- he was always mean. He used to kick us out," Robinson said.

"He was acting up, so I just left without ordering my food," said William Jones, another witness.

News of Walcott's death reached the studios of Royal Radio where he once worked. His friends there say he had what it took to be a star.

"Everything he wanted to do he did it. [He was a] very ambitious person," said Evans Small.

Police have charged Johannes with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.



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That "kid in the wheelchair" that you seem to be so intent on blamins is actually none other than Stephen Hawking, you bastard.

Stephen Hawking wouldn't eat at Burger King because Burger King represents a much greater black hole to him, one that cannot be explained by theory. Although he probably would prance around in his chair wearing one of the crowns.

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