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college anxiety


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C'est la vie.

You can only stress over college so much. Despite what you've been told up until this point in your life, your future happiness has nothing to do with school or anything silly like that. You've got to find happiness on your own, they'll never teach you how or where to find it in college.

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of course I know that. It just seems so fun. I want to live with my boyfriend/fiance and his hip friends and go to NYC every weekend and the ocean too. I'm not immature; I know that if I don't get in it will be for my own good because I'm not right for that school but it would make things easier.

I sort of have a back up plan. There's a lot of colleges in Japan that would be fun to go to and wouldn't be too hard for me to get into, also american university of paris etc. as well as a buddhist academy

obviously i rationally know that stressing won't make things easier for me, but i can't really help it. I can sometimes be a very emotional person.

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yeah, I'm pretty sure it's better to be nervous than not to be nervous.

going to a different country would be really cool but like i said before, there are tons of little artsy colleges all over the northeast if you want to be in that region and don't get into sarah lawrence. you could take the bus to NYC on weekends and all that. :hardgay:

i really think you have a chance though, especially given growing up in Las Vegas. they want different regions represented! you can write the "diversity" essay XD

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There's no reason to be nervous if you can't do anything about it. You should be as prepared as you feel is necessary, but when it gets to the point that you're loosing sleep its gone too far. Life will continue whether you get in to the college of your choice or not, and it will be grand.

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I don't know if this is going to help but I'm going to try-

I didn't get into the school I wanted. I was really upset, but in the end things probably worked out for the best. (UW-Madison was the school I didn't get into, but honestly it's so much of a party school that I might have easily ended up dropping out if I went there. I mean, even in high school when we went down there I skipped all the seminars and hung out on State Street.) ^^;;

But yeah, point is there are a lot of alternative schools out there. Actually last year the very same school that turned me down offered me a scholarship, so it was quite enjoyable to say "hell no."

So, just concentrate on the other schools, and if you get that acceptance letter you'll be happy while if you don't get that letter it won't be such a big deal.

Good luck!

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Life will continue whether you get in to the college of your choice or not, and it will be grand.

This is very important advice to take to heart.

College is what you make of it. If you kick ass and learn lots it's because you're kicking ass and learning lots. Some people can learn a lot at community college and become really smart while others can just smoke weed at Yale. It's all a matter of perspective.

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We only said these things because we believe in you and know you'll do fine regardless of what happens with college. Oh, and its good to see you around here again.

I agree. Lindsay is an important part of AE, we're all somewhat retarded without her.

Well, we are somewhat retarded with her too, but in a different way, that I like to think is better.

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these are somewhat competitive, but not as bad as sarah lawrence

Hampshire College in Amherst, MA (central mass. It's really pretty out there! this is a great hippie school. you design your own major) http://www.hampshire.edu/flash/index.php

Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. I've heard it's a lot like Reed. http://www.bard.edu/

Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. 70% of the people are from rural-ish Pennsylvania and the average SAT is pretty low, but it has a VERY high grad school acceptance rate. it's wonderful to me improving people that way. I dunno if you'd want to go to the 70% Pennsylvania school though. http://www.juniata.edu/

Clark University in Worcester, MA (eastern ma). EVERYONE from my high school is applying here. Not terribly easy to get into NYC from here but Boston is a great city. http://www.clarku.edu/

also look at:

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA

Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Goucher College, Towson, MD

Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT

St. John's College in Maryland LOLOLOL I'm kidding DON'T GO HERE

more competive:

Connecticut College, CT

Colgate College, NY

Cornell College, NY (not Cornell University)

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thanks amy~~ i researched on my own earlier and like Emerson College and Ithaca College. I have a thing though, I only want to go to school in MA, NY, NJ basically.

honestly i want to take challenging film courses in college, just I can't really get into really good schools because my grades are bad and i don't write a good essay. but i'm sort of picky. i really only like schools meant for artists and not like motivated future yuppies who are a little artsy! There are a lot of those. That's what Clark looks like to me! I was looking at it earlier today before you even mentioned it.

Bard seems competitive and wrong for me kind of?? I dunno I have a really good intuition. I got mail from Colgate before and it seems really nice, but their film program is weak. besides "For the Class of 2010, we received 7,873 applications. Of those, we admitted 2,217, or 28 percent."

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hahaha i'm not surprised about Clark, I just figured "300 white kids from LHS can't be wrong" XD

I didn't know you were looking at art schools - Emerson I would highly recommend then. It's not that hard to get into but as far as i can tell the programs are great. I saw an undergrad play a few years ago and it was pretty flawless. There were eight people in it but it sounded and felt like there were thirty because everyone's voice and stage presence was just so full. i'm assuming film would be similar 8D

Wow I didn't know Colgate was so hard to get into. o_o I assumed it would be easy because of the toothpaste association.

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they study science from the Roman perspective

When I got a brochure from them, it quoted some teacher lady like

"When everyone gets here, they of course think diversity is a good thing. But at St. John's, whatever you say, you have to prove. So I ask them if they can prove it. AND THEY CAN'T! AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!"

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